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Mangan Software Solutions

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ProSys SLM is the next generation in Safety Lifecycle Management. Our comprehensive software platform is the culmination of decades of experience in process safety and safety instrumented systems. The software was designed by PSM and SIS Subject Matter Experts and Engineers to ensure the successful implementation of safety and integrity management processes and standards.

Software Description

ProSys SLM is the next generation in Process Safety and SIS Lifecycle Management software. Leveraging our experience since 1999, we recognized that the legacy software tools available on the market were more tactical in their approach, tackling one specific compliance process vs. a strategic and holistic solution. This caused us to purchase multiple licenses, jump from software to software and then transfer all the data into an internal database. After much frustration, we developed a vision for a new software product that would incorporate good engineering practices, compliance requirements and the multitude of tools on the market, and combine them into one platform residing on the cloud. The result was ProSys SLM, designed by MSS and Mangan, Inc. PSM and SIS Subject Matter Experts to ensure our clients had a plant-ready software product that would re-engineer how they executed PSM and SIS Lifecycle Management.

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