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Pavilion Technologies

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Pavilion8® is a modular software platform and the foundation for Pavilion’s industry-specific solutions. Leveraging a powerful modeling engine at its core, Pavilion8 includes modules to control, analyze, monitor, visualize, warehouse and integrate that are combined into high-value applications. Based on a modern Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), the Pavilion8 platform is implemented in J2EE and is “Powered by SAP NetWeaver® ” certified. The platform’s scalability, flexibility and ease of integration with existing business and plant infrastructure provide a lower total cost of ownership than alternative technologies.

Software Description

Pavilion8® Real-time Environmental Management (REM) is a new class of environmental compliance and reporting application, providing “active compliance” continuously, in real time. Sophisticated data validation and a secure metadata repository ensure all reporting information is accurate and auditable to meet the most stringent regulations. Additionally, REM provides a flexible, scalable solution to meet a wide range of predictive emissions, emissions monitoring and compliance reporting requirements. REM automatically collects, validates and aggregates data from a wide range of disparate sources such as process data historians, DCS, LIMS, PLCs, analyzers, etc. REM provides rich, real-time visualization and reporting in a role-based, contextual format with a browser-based user interface.

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