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Setu Net Pvt Ltd.

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Most organizations have been managing EHS&S data in some form for many years. It has become a norm for organizations to practice proactive management systems to avoid safety risks, injuries, environmental pollutions, and threat to employee’s health. Setu addresses a comprehensive suite of EHS&S processes which helps facilitate the creation of a preventative culture enterprise-wide with leading performance indicators.

Software Description

Setu’s Enterprise Integrated Solution for Environment, Health , Safety and Sustainability helps organization to streamline processes, increase awareness, motivate the employees to act safely, collects and organize information and improve reporting. It is highly efficient 100% web based and highly configurable solution which empowers customers to maintain the work place safety, clean environment and check employee’s occupational health hazards. Our software integrates EHS&S processes into a central repository so that the relationships between different areas of business can be understood and leveraged. Setu promotes a proactive approach and supports the activities required to ensure better decisions, continuous improvement and efficiency.

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