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Comprehensive environmental data management system, manages the lifecycle of monitoring data from cradle to grave. Systems automate the planning, collection, importing, validation, compliance, alerts, security, interpretation and reporting of just about any environmental or sustainability data. Consists of browser, installed client, smartphone/tablet modules.
  Software Description

Onsite field data is validated for quality and compliance, and syncronised with the database Interacts with the Monitor-Pro Monitoring Scheduling tool Works offline; can be used in remote locations User friendly date & time selectors, ensuring data is entered correctlyEditWorks on all popular smartphone, tablet, and desktop platforms

  Product Details
Multi User:  Yes

  Features Checklist
  •    Archiving & Retention
  •    Audit Trail
  •    Build Custom Forms
  •    Certification Management
  •    COR Certification
  •    Corrective Actions
  •    Customs Compliance
  •    Data Analysis Auditing
  •    Document Management
  •    Email Notifications
  •    Environmental Compliance
  •    GPS Tagging
  •    Hazard Assessment
  •    ISO 14001 Conformance
  •    Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
  •    MSDS
  •    OSHA Management
  •    Process Management
  •    Requirements Management
  •    Risk Alerts
  •    Root Cause Analysis
  •    Safe Work Practices
  •    Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
  •    Training Management