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Logincident is a risk and claims management tool which has been developed for the HSE market; it enables organisations to record, report and escalate essential information regarding a near miss, or an incident which results in injury or damage, in a simple, efficient manner.

Software Description

Using Logincident, incident reports are supported by photographic, video and audio evidence, which along with in-built geo-location technology, means that accurate, quality and concise incident reports are consistently captured - once submitted, the report is instantly accessible on a laptop or tablet.

Users are given visibility of incident data via a web-based user dashboard; users can view, analyse, learn from and effectively use data to identify incident trends and proactively work to reduce the occurrence of incidents.

Logincident runs on iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry platforms, providing complete flexibility for users.

Logincident accelerates away from the historic form filling exercise traditionally associated with risk and claims management. By effectively adopting and utilising technology, Logincident facilitates a more intuitive, more efficient and more informative process.

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