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intRAtrain by Russell Associates

inspectiTRAC™ takes conducting inspections, audits and observations to a whole new level,using state-of-the-art Windows-based technology. This automated inspection software designed for inspections, audits and observations is delivered on a tablet computer that mobilizes the process of data collection and evaluation. It can also be used on a desktop PC or laptop for additional access points.

Software Description

inspectiTRAC takes the inspections, audits, and observations you are already using and mobilizes them while decreasing errors, improving responsiveness and reducing risk. Data collection and data entry times can be reduced up to 80% with mobilization, resulting in cost savings, improved accuracy, faster response times and elimination of document storage. The system is comprised of three parts: • inspectiTRAC Administrator — used to setup departments, create and make changes to inspections and maps. • inspectiTRAC Data Collector- the software used to collect data. The software is available for use on Windows based devices. • inspectiTRAC Manager - a cloud-based management system for reporting, alerting, and scheduling. It includes corrective action management and dashboards that allow users to view information important to them.
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