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Our Solutions

Keeping your finger on the pulse of regulatory compliance including OSHA and EPA, best practices, world-class and innovative application of technology.Our integrated suite of web-based and mobile applications will keep you focused and fully documented with best practices to ensure compliance while maximizing the efficiency of your organization.Linking initial hazard assessment and compliance training with incident tracking, observations and advanced features of regulatory reporting, ComplianceFactors is your seamless solution for saving time, effort, and money.Our 'Fingertip' technology allows instant access to all your data for on-demand reporting and full functionality, so you can manage the workload rather than having it manage you.

Software Description

Our Applications

  • HARM™: Hazard Analysis and Risk Management System Enables your organization to conduct hazard analysis and risk management activities with integration into OSHA forms, reporting and then allows for the user to communicate with any member of your team to resolution. Key Features:
    • Integrated Enterprise Risk Analysis and Hazard Assessment tools
    • Integrated Team Communications and Notifications
    • Full integration with historical incidents, policies, observations, and training
  • GIRIS™: Global Incident Reporting and Investigation System Enables your organization to track incidents and then investigate with integration into OSHA forms, reporting and then allows for the user to communicate with any member of your team to resolution. Key Features:
    • Generate OSHA 300, 300A, and 301 forms OnDemand that can then be printed, email, or exported to Excel or PDF format
    • Email complete incident case ZIP file with all associated attachments
    • Incident Reporting with integrated Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action tools
  • SiteView™: Mobile Technology Solution Our flagship mobile application allows your organization to extend training, record keeping and communication activities into the field while providing full integration with our compliance suite. Key Features:
    • Record all issues with your mobile device in disconnected mode and synchronized with the compliance system as soon as it reconnects to the Internet
    • Training can be conducted onsite with information sent in REAL-TIME to our compliance system
    • Full integration with the compliance suite
  • CLMS™: Compliance Learning Management System An integrated AICC Level 1 and SCORM 1.2 conformant Compliance Learning Management System. Allows your organization to automatically assign Courses, Curricula, and Certifications to your employees based on their HRIS information. Key Features:
    • SMS Text notifications support
    • AICC and SCORM compliant
    • Advanced catalog functionality
    • Integrated data migration (import/export) tools
    • Automated assignment based on employees' HRIS information
  • eLearning OnDemand™: eLearning Courses Library An Online Library of over 175 eLearning Compliance and Safety Courses with an integrated LMS with no additional cost to you when you purchase courses. Key Features:
    • A library of over 175 of the hottest topics in the compliance field including OSHA and EPA
    • Flexible enterprise pricing and courses can be bundled for your specific needs
    • SCORM 1.2 conformant courses
    • Integrated LMS that comes at no additional cost to you when you purchase courses
  • eLMS-lite™: eLearning Management System If you’re a small to medium size business and you just need to deliver a few online courses to a limited audience, we have the “eLMS-lite” SCORM conformant 1.2 including custom reporting. It’s easy to use and our hosted solution enables you to be up and running in a matter of hours. Key Features:
    • A robust SCORM 1.2 LMS that has the ability to launched and track web-based training
    • Can be customized and setup in a matter of hours!
    • Fully integrated with our Online Courses Library
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