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HHA Associates Limited

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Advanced Windows based software for Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Management. HAMS-GPS, constitute one of the most comprehensive Windows based software package that conforms to the relevant International standards to study EHS management and advanced Consequence modeling and Quantitative Risk Analysis / Assessment - QRA Study Softwares

Software Description

HAMS-GPS Software Package is a professionally built Windows based Software. HAMS-GPS enables from advanced Training to Research oriented HSE-Management Studies including Quantitative Risk Assessment - QRA (including FAR, FN-Curve and ISO-Risk), Accident / incident management and Analysis, Toxic Gas / vapour, Atmospheric Dispersion modeling - Plume, Puff, Spill Pool evaporation, HAZOP Study software , Emergency Management Planning and Control, PROBIT computations, Percent and Absolute Fatality, Injury computations, Fire Modeling (Pool Fires, Jet Fires, Flash fire, Fireball) and Explosion Modeling ( BLEVE, Confined, Unconfined vapour cloud explosion (UVCE), Mechanical explosion ), Explosion Prevention (Inerting, Safety Audits Static, Charge development), stack dispersion, Oil/Gas well blow out scenarios, SWOT analysis, ASCLAP-Distribution, Safety manual review, QRA-review, Hydraulics, Industrial Work Hygiene index, DOW/MOND index, Fire & Explosion computations, Developing and Establishing an Integrated System on EMS & OHSMS under International Standards, on Personal Health and Fitness and more.

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