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Green EcoSystems Group

'Green-ES' Software as a Service Solution…for companies that need to substantially reduce the time, cost, and risk associated with PEC compliance in the EU, China, Japan, and other geographies. Today, the Green-ES 'Software as a Service' (Green-ES) solution can be used by companies at all levels of the supply chain to collect, manage, and report REACH and RoHS related data. Green-ES allows companies of all sizes to manage substance requirements beyond RoHS such as REACH and company specific Materials of Concern lists.

Software Description

GESG’ s Green-ES solution can help your company to rapidly implement REACH, RoHS and other toxicity related solutions to satisfy all of your substance legislation requirements and customer demands. The Green-ES solution allows companies to cost effectively implement a complete substance management solution. Secure access is provided to the award winning MDW-ES compliance software over a secure internet link while eliminating the requirement for on site implementation and administration of dedicated servers and their associated energy costs and carbon footprints. Another major benefit of the Green-ES solution is that it enables IT teams to achieve green objectives through consolidating or offloading server workloads in the datacenter and reducing the energy consumption of dedicated application servers.

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