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Meet FoodLogiQ Connect, the cloud-based platform for connecting the food industry. Connect enables end-to-end traceability, compliance validation, and sustainability benchmarking. With FoodLogiQ Connect, all of your item, location, supplier, and event information is organized in one place. Plus, FoodLogiQ Connect gives you access to its growing network of 1,500+ companies to streamline collaboration through your food chain.

Software Description

Mitigate risk. Build relationships that matter.Understand who you are doing business with and what their capabilities are to create a transparent and reliable food chain. Trace products across your food chain. Act with confidence when issues arise.Complete the picture of farm-to-table traceability in a way that provides you with intelligence to take action.Keep your finger on the pulse of quality.Capture quality and complaint incidents at the source, access the information to execute surgical stock withdrawals and corrective actions.Monitor issues, compliance, and critical events. Anticipate issues and spot trends.Know what’s happening now, tackle issues before they become problems, and ultimately reduce stock withdrawals.Grow a stronger food chain. Capture intelligence about its beginnings.Directly engage with your contract growers to track and schedule plantings, pesticide and fertilizer applications, and harvests.

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