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Environmental Safety and Health Solution

by Skillsoft
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Since 1998, businesses have looked to Skillsoft to address their workplace safety and health training concerns. With a highly-developed solution, Skillsoft provides organizations a vast selection of courses to align with individualized needs. Skillsoft’s value can be seen through a robust, flexible infrastructure, a proven methodology for delivering well defined learning objectives, and training programs in addition to a strong value based implementation process.

Software Description

Our solution provides the ability to leverage a strong compliance training program where safety managers can identify risks in the workplace and develop and implement proactive measures to prevent avoidable work-related injuries and illness. Beyond organization compliance, the Skillsoft Global Compliance Solutions helps inspire a clear and compelling safety culture and message that boosts employee satisfaction, increases productivity and provides value against business objectives to improve the bottom line.

Product Details

Multi User

Features Checklist

Compliance Management
Environmental Compliance
Learning Management (LMS)
Sustainability Management
Training Management
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