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D4H Technologies

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Good decisions require good information

The outcome of an incident, crisis, or emergency is determined by the capability of those who respond. Good decisions require good information; and information has never before been available in such quantity.

Software Description

Information is only as good as its source

Information is only as good as its source; and without managing it correctly, it rapidly loses quality and reliability over time. Communication channels become flooded, information is lost, and your facts quickly turn stale. In a pressurized situation, data will inevitably be shared inconsistently, resulting in a challenging situation when trying to analyze it.

Turn wisdom into knowledge

We set out to entirely reimagine organizational information gathering and collaboration during a response. We set ourselves the goal to be as simple and ubiquitous for data, as a 2­-way radio is for voice. D4H™ LIVE keeps your personnel in touch with the “Right Information When Things Go Wrong”.

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