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Cosmos Forms enables digital transformation by capturing data where it originates and automating business processes with intelligent forms, assigned actions, easily managed data and powerful reporting

Software Description

With Cosmos Forms’ easy to use mobile solutions:

  • Easily author and deploy your own Forms in as little as an hour

  • Capture data where originates and have it immediately available anywhere it is needed

  • Create, assign and track Actions to completion

  • Your teams don’t have to ‘plan’ to go offline; nothing to pre-download for offline capability

  • Say good-bye to synchronization pain with our proprietary auto background synchronization

  • Automate Communications and Processes

  • Manage Assets/Equipment, Training & Certifications

  • Gain insights into your operations with Cosmos Insights powerful reporting and data. Know which Forms, Actions and Processes are being completed and perhaps even more importantly those that are not.

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