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CompWALK was developed by a dedicated team of professionals with decades of experience in managing evaluation and compliance processes and protocols. Our team has a proven track record of delivering programs, software and services that promote excellence and efficiently optimize quality processes.
  Software Description

CompWALK is a secure, cloud based software solution for scheduling, conducting, and reporting on quality, compliance, & safety inspection activities. Customized audits are deployed to field professional’s existing devices allowing them to easily complete an audit or inspection and report results in real-time. The scheduling component provides a fully-optimized and cost-efficient rout for professionals in the field by utilizing the audit locations, configured business rules, and geo-spatial data.

  Product Details
Multi User:  Yes

  Features Checklist
  •    Archiving & Retention
  •    Audit Trail
  •    Auditing
  •    Compliance Management
  •    Control Self Assessment
  •    Controls Testing
  •    Customs Compliance
  •    Emissions Inventory
  •    Energy Carbon Management
  •    Environmental Compliance
  •    FDA Compliance
  •    Hazardous Materials Control
  •    HIPAA Compliant
  •    ISO Management
  •    Process Management
  •    Risk Alerts
  •    Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
  •    Sustainability Management
  •    Waste Management
  •    Water Management