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CompliantPro is a robust, extremely flexible, web-based compliance software system for proactively managing compliance to a variety of regulations and standards. The software provides the core functionality to manage processes for communicating, monitoring and documenting your diverse compliance activities.

Software Description

CompliantPro makes compliance-related information easily accessible to everyone involved in your processes, in real time. It transcends organizational silos, eliminating inconsistency and duplication of effort to streamline compliance processes, and minimize time, complexity and cost.

CompliantPro offers a unique combination of features including:

Flexible Workflows

CompliantPro is easily configured for your organization’s process workflows and meets the needs of specific standards and regulations. CompliantPro process management software conforms to your processes…not the other way around.

Personalized Dashboard

You have a personalized dashboard presenting only the information and tasks relating to your specific roles and responsibilities. At a glance of this CAPA software, you can see what needs your attention. Real-time tracking gives you immediate feedback on the status of your documents and tasks.

Scalable and Extensible

Based on a flexible, modular architecture, the ISO quality management system is suitable for one location or global operations of any size. Initial setup is efficient and centralized, resulting in rapid deployment and fast ramp-up. True multilingual capability makes CompliantPro ideal for international organizations.

Platform- and Location-independent

As a web-based system, CompliantPro can be accessed from virtually anywhere using a standard web browser. This enables true, enterprise-wide compliance management, cutting across departments, business units and organizations.

Alerts and Escalation

CompliantPro automatically sends alerts to remind users of impending deadlines and escalation messages to management when deadlines have been missed.

Managing the entire compliance cycle.

CompliantPro provides integrated elements for managing all of your compliance management requirements

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