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CMO COMPLIANCE is one of the world’s leading Incident Reporting & Management software solutions, to manage occurrences or incidents that causes an interruption to standard operation, whether it is a risk that has eventuated, or a lack of, or break in, compliance to law, policy, procedure, licensing or standards.

Software Description

The impact of incidents and accidents can range from insignificant to critical, hence companies need well developed processes to manage their impact, whether financial, environmental, workplace injury/illness, damage or security breaches. An integrated, automated incident management software with effective notification, investigation and reporting capabilities is critical to sustainable operations.

The CMO Incident Management Software solution is designed to meet the requirements of the HSE management team while driving the workforce to adopt the culture of participation in HSE to achieve corporate goals. As a comprehensive and fully integrated solution, CMO COMPLIANCE allows the logging and management of any type of incident or event related to HSE or broader risk & compliance objectives.

CMO COMPLIANCE software is a powerful, flexible and configurable software solution used by leading organizations across national and international operations.

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