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Green Oak Solutions

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Carboncheck is a leading sustainability management system that has been helping organisations large and small to capture, analyse and report upon sustainability performance across their enterprise. Whether your company is just starting out on its sustainability journey and is focused meeting statutory (CRC) or customer reporting obligations or if you have an established management system in place and are looking to embed sustainability in every part of your business and supply chain then carboncheck can help.

Software Description

Carboncheck helps customers manage key environmental and sustainability indicators that leading corporate reporting standards such as CDP and GRI expect businesses to be tracking including energy from buildings and infrastructure, emissions from transport including fleet, business travel and employee commute, waste and recycling, water usage and discharge and miscellaneous emissions from processes and equipment. Carboncheck has been developed by our team of sustainability professionals in conjunction with our customers and partners to provide a flexible management system that meets the needs of industry. It can automate the process of gathering and aggregating data from different sources throughout your enterprise taking the pain out of preparing annual reports including corporate sustainability reports as well as legislative and voluntary reports.

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