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Environmental Software and Services

AirWare is the "next generation" model-based real-time and web-based information and decision support system for urban and industrial air quality assessment and management. The system supports the implementation of European and national environmental legislation such as the European Air Quality Framework Directive 2008/50/EC (replacing 96/62/EC) and Daughter Directives, 88/609/EEC on major point sources, 89/429/EEC and 89/369/EEC on incinerators or 90/313/EEC on public access to environmental information.

Software Description

A tightly integrated system in distributed client-server implementation, open, modular architecture and a fully web-based user interface exploits the latest dynamic 3D models and network computing technologies, including high-performance distributed GRID and cluster implementations. The AirWare models can run within a real-time expert system framework, that coordinates data acquisition from a range of information resources, hourly now-cast model runs with data assimilation, regular e.g., daily forecast runs, using observed or simulated dynamic emissions and 3D dynamic meteorological models as pre-processors.

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