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Actio Software Corporation

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Best practices and technology infrastructure to control and manage the acquisition of new chemicals enterprise wide helps leading companies reduce costs associated with process inefficiencies with an automated review and approval system that manages the approval cycle real-time and enables sophisticated pre-screening against regulatory lists or customer mandated prohibited substance lists.

Software Description

In manufacturing, when it’s time to procure a new material, the request must take a specific approval path: 1) Safety and Hygiene reviews the requested material for its toxicity and personal protection requirements; 2) Environmental screens for HAPs, VOCs, chlorinated solvents, air and water permits; 3) Risk Management checks local and global regulatory guidelines and PR objectives; 4) Materials Engineering monitors all new component information for compatibility with existing and future or planned materials; and 5) Product Stewardship considers all this plus the environmental impact of the finished good from a product life cycle perspective. These steps can be interdependent and/or concurrent.

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