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Tim Olson

Senior Safety Specialist
Blue certificate badge

I have worked in the safety equipment field for over 30 years in the area of distribution. My customers have ranged from Fortune 500 companies down to small local businesses. I feel that all customers, no matter the size need to be treated equally. Currently I specialize in the area of construction and municipalities with an emphasis on the electrical market - utilities and contractors.

Success Stories

Not going to list any success stories since some people view success as a dollar sale. It does not matter if the success story is about dollars, to me a success story is making sure the customer is safe and in compliance. Getting the right product to take care of the needs of the customer

How I got started in Safety Equipment Sales

Originally I wanted to be a firefighter but getting on a department in the ‘80s was tough in Chicagoland. Fell into a job with Protectoseal selling safety cans and cabinets which eventually led me to a safety distributor. Been in distribution now close to 30 years.

What makes me a great Safety Equipment Expert

Titles, certifications, product knowledge and education are all great for knowing what we need to know to be a Safety Equipment Expert. But the bottom line is to meet the customer’s expectations and to be true to who you are. Do not make false promises, be someone the customer can rely on. Answer the phone, reply to an e-mail right in a timely manner. Most customers buy from people they like not just a low price. Working now specifically in the Electrical Utility market, these are down to earth people that I can relate to and I enjoy this part of my career the most.


Featured Location

205 Huehl Road
Northbrook, IL 60062

Certificates & Training

  • QSSP
  • Fall Protection – Competent Person
  • NFPA 70E
  • Variety of manufacturer’s courses over the years

Professional Safety Organizations

  • NFPA
  • NECA
  • QSSP

Product Expertise

  • Arc Flash
  • Confined Space
  • Eye Protection
  • Fall Protection
  • Hi-Viz Clothing

Industry Expertise

  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Public Service/Safety
  • Transport/Distribution
  • Other


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