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Michael Bolden

Eye, Face, Head & VisionAid Product Manager

About Michael Bolden

Michael Bolden has been passionate about safety for more than 20 Years while serving in Product Management, Sales, & Marketing in the Automotive Aftermarket and Industrial Safety Industries. He has been an active member of the ISEA Standards Committees for Z87.1 Eye and Face Standard as well as the Z358.1 Emergency Shower & Eyewash Standard. Michael has had an acute focus on driving compliance and providing innovative solutions to hazardous conditions in the workplace.

Areas of Expertise

Additional Technical Proficiencies
Mac, PC, Linux, Chrome OS Hardware/Software
Advanced Level in MS Word, Excel, & Google Aps
Former Salesforce Certified Administrator
Six Sigma Green Belt

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Featured Location

Radians Headquarters & Manufacturing
5305 Distriplex Farms Drive)
Memphis , TN , 38141

Safety Moments by Michael Bolden

Image for What to Keep in Your Toolkit to Deal with Chemical Splashes to the Eyes
I was doing some follow-up work at my station when I saw that someone left an open canister on the edge of the table. I didn't want it to fall, so I picked it up to move it to a safer spot. But...

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