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Greg Herr

Account Manager
Gold certificate badge

Success Stories

Met safety coordinators from large electrical utility at a trade show, was asked to present confined space equipment at safety meeting (gas detection, rescue/retrieval, respiratory escape). Led to a $200,000 order and a long relationship. I was in anxious anticipation of the Seattle SR99 tunnel job and was determined to land the business. One of my long-time customers became a partner in the joint venture and called me with the contact information for the project safety director the day of their first meeting. Made contact, arranged a meeting. After a few other meetings in the very early days of the project, secured the inside track and ended up with the sole-source contract for the largest diameter TBM in the world as it bored a 2.2 mile tunnel under Seattle. This project has lasted 7 years and is in its final months as of this writing. I had a contract with a scaffold erection company that worked mostly in the 4 big refineries in Washington (BP, Shell, Tesoro, and Phillips). On one occasion, they had placed an order for 50 twin leg PFL’s for a shutdown at one of the refineries. The on-time delivery of these were very important to the start of this project, so I was tracking the progress. The shipment was on a freight train, and it derailed, delaying the delivery by 2-3 days. I was told that if they were not on site on the morning of the start, that “heads would roll”. In other words, my company would get fired and lose the contract. I decided to try everything I could. The day before the due day, I found out where the shipment was. The container was due into Portland, OR 150 miles away that night. I was able to contact the terminal there and asked if it would be possible to will call the order off the container. They were surprisingly agreeable to my request and estimated that it could be picked up late that night. So I took off for Portland, found a bar & grill to hang out at till it was ready. My shipment was in the nose of the trailer, so it took till 2 am for the call to come get it. Believe it or not, the place I was at was also a pool hall and stayed open till 3 am. Made the pickup and after a couple of 5-hour Energy’s the order was left in the back of the safety director’s pick-up in his driveway at 6 am. The job started on time, the project manager was in disbelief, and I kept a very important customer.

How I got started in Safety Equipment Sales

By accident. I was still in college, looking for summer work, went to an employment placement business. My questionnaire asked for my interests. One was climbing. The counsellor said they had a company looking for workers that sold climbing equipment. Went to the interview, and found out the climbing equipment was tree and pole climbing equipment. I took the job and ended up there for 17 years.

What makes me a great Safety Equipment Expert

First of all, I would never call myself an expert. I might say I specialize in some aspects of safety but in the end, I’m just a safety sales account manager. I know I’m really good at what I do but that’s a personal evaluation. Ergodyne probably has this word patented, but it’s my word too. “Tenacity” The company mentioned above had the slogan “The difficult we do immediately, the Impossible takes a little bit longer”. That became my work ethic and it has served me well for 35 years. When someone says “that’s impossible” I say “watch me” and 9 times out of 10, I make it happen. You can go get all the certifications and letters after your name available, but it means nothing if you’re not considered valuable to your customers. The sample questionnaire said it well that we don’t have to know everything. Customers appreciate it when we admit that and promise to get them an answer. I tell people I know a little about a lot of things and a lot about a few. I also take a no pressure approach. I might not get their business today, but a lot of times it comes around.


Featured Location

6910 S. 196th Street
Kent, WA 98032

Certificates & Training

  • “Construction Safety Specialist” from Evergreen Safety, Seattle, WA
  • HAZWOPER 40 hr. Cert.
  • Competent Person Fall Protection/Inspection, Capital Safety
  • Gas detection/Confined space training, ISC, Rae Systems

Professional Safety Organizations

  • AGC Washington

Product Expertise

  • Confined Space
  • Fall Protection
  • Gas Detection
  • Hi-Viz Clothing
  • Objects at Heights (Tool Tethering)

Industry Expertise

  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining


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