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Dirk Seis

Director of Marketing

About Dirk Seis

Dirk has expertise in industrial business development through distribution and B2B. He's a confident public speaker with high-energy delivery and two decades of experience in training program development and execution.

He has experience with international business development across the US, Europe & South America. Dirk is fluent in English and German.

Areas of Expertise

Loading dock and warehouse safety

His other specialties include:

  • Training and motivation
  • B2B sales
  • International business development

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Featured Location

Head Office
1 Royal Gate Boulevard
Vaughan , ON , L4L 8Z7
[email protected]

Safety Moments by Dirk Seis

Image for Preventing Falls in Loading Docks
It happened so quickly that I didn’t even have time to react. I was moving a box from the dock into a trailer, and I’m usually pretty aware of my surroundings… but I just...
Image for Wheel Chocking: Not a Waste of Time
I operate a lift truck on a busy loading dock. I was getting ready to drop a pallet into a trailer when I noticed some unusual movement. I stopped the forklift to check it out – and I’m...

Articles by Dirk Seis

Carbon monoxide exposure isn't always taken seriously as a loading dock hazard but it could be fatal. Learn how to manage the risks.
Open loading docks are riskier than they look. Find out what you can do to prevent injuries involving open docks.
Housekeeping doesn't always come up as a safety concern. But on loading docks, it should. Find out why and what you can do to improve safety.
A lot can go wrong when operating forklifts near loading docks. Find out how to make sure everyone stays safe when loading or unloading.

Q&A by Dirk Seis

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