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Dalton Binder

Account Manager
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Success Stories

Helping to institute a new process for the repair of metal mesh gloves at a poultry processing facility. Helping to identify a suitable glove for the conditions of workers handling sheet metal, after all past attempts were unsuccessful.

What makes me a great Safety Equipment Expert

I always take the time to research and qualify each suggestion I make. Each time I get a request or an inquiry from a lead or customer I'm sure to assemble all of the facts before reaching the best solution I can provide. My goal is to serve the role of a motivated partner to business in their continuous improvement of practices and employee safety.


Featured Location

361 East 6th Street
Red Hill, PA 18076

Professional Safety Organizations


Product Expertise

  • Emergency Eyewash
  • Ergonomics
  • Hand Protection
  • Spill Control

Industry Expertise

  • Construction
  • Food Services
  • Manufacturing


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