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Andy Olson

Product Director

About Andy Olson

Andy Olson is responsible for the protection product pillar and serves as the company's ISEA representative on the hi-vis apparel, hand protection, and eye protection standard committees. He has authored numerous articles that have been published in safety trades on topics ranging from hand protection and worker visibility, to protection for worker-generated head injuries and eyewear compliance. He also trains distributors and end users nationally on the ANSI/ISEA 107 hi-visibility standard and other relevant safety topics.

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1021 Bandana Boulevard East
St. Paul , MN , 55108
[email protected]

Safety Moments by Andy Olson

Image for Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome
Working in road construction, we use jackhammers a lot. We’re constantly breaking through concrete to do one repair or another. Lately, I’ve been feeling a tingling sensation in my right hand. I...

Q&A by Andy Olson

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Answered by: Andy Olson | Product Director

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Answered by: Andy Olson | Product Director

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