Lack of movement while sitting behind a computer can bring on muscle pain and strain. Every hour you should take a micro break. Break up your tasks so that you are moving around every 20-30 minutes. Look away from the screen every so often. Relax your muscles, stretch throughout the entire body and change your position regularly.

Shoulder shrugs are a very effective relaxant for the neck, shoulders and upper back. It will relieve the early signs of tension or tightness in the shoulders and neck. Perform them by lifting your shoulders toward your ears. In the top position, you should feel a slight release of tension in your shoulders and neck. Hold the top position for 5 seconds. Now relax your shoulders back to the start position. Repeat this move four or five times.

To perform a chest stretch, put your hands behind your head and squeeze the shoulder blades together. Feel for the stretch across your pectoral muscles.

The side stretch will relieve aching in your mid and lower back. Interlock your fingers and raise your arms overhead. Press your arms back as far as possible. Now, slowly arch your arms and torso to the left without bending your arms. Hold for a few seconds and then repeat on the right side. Do this five times on each side.