If the job site has a sign stating to wear your hard hat, ensure that you comply with the rules. Hard hats are used to protect you from small falling objects. The rounded outer shell of the hard hat is designed to protect the crown of your head. Inside the hat is a suspension system, which absorbs the impact of the falling object. This is a major protection against a serious blow to the head that might otherwise be fatal.

It is important to wear your hard hat the way it was designed to be worn. Most of them are not designed to be worn backwards. The headband should be oriented properly to the head, with the brow up against the forehead and the extended name strap at the base of the skull. If you wear the hard hat in this position, only the shell of the helmet will be backward on the head. Remember, it is the suspension that is the key protector of your hard heat, so make sure that this part is properly in position at all times.

You should inspect your hard hat visually before every use for signs of wear and tear. If the hat is dropped from a decent height, it should be replaced.