On the job, you have a responsibility to give your best effort at all times. A lapse in concentration, an attempt to take shortcuts or a messy and unorganized workspace are potential safety hazards. By being attentive at all times to your work surroundings, including taking responsibility and cleaning any mess you create, you will be helping to make the workplace a whole lot safer.

Taking personal responsibility at work will not only keep you and your work mates safer; it can also speed up your route to promotion. Unless you show responsibility and ingenuity in the position that you currently hold, you are unlikely to be granted any additional responsibilities. Make sure that you show up for work on time and put int he hours that are expected of you.

Think about how you act and interact with others in the workplace. Make the right choices in these areas and you will build respect. Prove yourself to be a reliable worker. Especially during times of extreme business or great stress, prove to your boss that you can be relied upon on a daily basis. Be sure to set all deadlines that are assigned to you. Meet and exceed all of your job goals.