Tailgate safety meetings are short daily meetings that take place on field projects. The main purpose of these meetings is to alert workers of any potential hazards, accidents and unsafe working conditions. They can also be used to provide workers with information about lessons that have been learned from other projects.

The person leading the meeting should endeavour to draw on the experience of senior workers. Reminders should be given each day about the dangers involved with working with certain tools, machines, equipment and materials.

Tailgate meetings provide a fine opportunity for those in charge to receive feedback from workers concerning any safety risks or issues they may have. In this regard, it can be useful to have another short meeting at the end of the day to have another safety discussion about the work that has been done throughout the workday. It is good for newer or less experienced employees to address these meetings. Any problems or concerns can be brought out while they are still fresh in the mind. The next morning these issues should be readdressed.

The topic to be discussed in a tailgate meeting should be chosen carefully. It should relate to the job at hand and be able to be discussed in about 15 minutes.