It is critical that supervisors in all work situations fully assume the mantle of being a role model in terms of safety. Whether you know it or not, your employees are constantly looking to your example and taking cues from the things you say and the things you do. If you as a supervisor ignore safety rules, you can hardly expect your workers to take them seriously.

On the other hand, employers who take even the smallest safety measure seriously will inspire their staff to do likewise. In order to set the proper example in terms of on the job safety, supervisors should:

  • Make it clear that safety is a key job priority at all times
  • Make safety minded decisions, even when under stress
  • Make available all necessary safety equipment
  • Encourage staff to use safety equipment
  • Undertake thorough investigation of accidents
  • Immediately correct any problems uncovered during an accident investigation
  • Regularly make safety inspections of the workplace
  • Provide as much staff training as you can
  • Set safety committees in place to give workers a voice in solving problems and improving workplace safety conditions
  • Give encouragement for all employees to attend safety training sessions
  • Actively participate in safety training sessions yourself, either running the session or simply attending