It is vital to properly store all hazardous materials, especially if you are in a flood zone area. Store products in their original container. Clearly label all containers, use water proof storage containers and make sure that all hazardous wastes are securely stored.

When storing hazardous materials be sure to follow all of the storage instructions on the product label. Make sure that volatile materials are stored in well ventilated areas. Remember that fumes can be toxic to animals as well as humans. Always make use of the original container to store the hazardous material. If the label is peeling of, secure it back down with transparent tape.

Be sure to store all flammable products within the recommended temperature range. If stored in temperatures that are too high, containers will start to bulge. If liquid is stored at a temperature that is too low, they will expand, freeze or burst.

All hazardous materials must be securely kept behind locked doors. keep the amount of hazardous materials that you have in stock to a minimum. You may find it safer to throw away left over product rather than storing it. Underage regular maintenance checks on you hazardous material storage areas, being especially sure that there are no fumes in the area.