Most stairway fall accidents occur because the person loses their balance. Often this happens because the person neglects to use the handrails. Stairway falls can be serious, possibly resulting in death. As a consequence, building codes for stairs and ramps are very stringent. Well designed stairs will provide the means to retrieve your balance if you fall. Still, fall accidents continue to occur as a result of inattention and unsafe behaviour.

Handrails are designed to support the bodyweight of a person when going up or down the stairs. You should also hold on to the handrail and to grab on with both hands if you feel yourself slipping or losing your balance. Do not carry loads up or down stairs that require you to use both hands. If you have to transport a heavy load up a level, use an elevator. If an elevator is not available, have someone assist you to carry the load up the stairs. Do not carry objects that limit your vision.

Maintain visibility when going up and down stairs. This will allow you to be able to properly judge distances. That way you are less likely to trip on a step, or catch your heel on the edge of a step.