What's up everybody. This is Jason from RelentlessSafety.com and today I'm stepping out from behind the keyboard to bring you your very first Safety Snake Bite.

Today I want to talk to you about the lighter side of safety. Now I understand that worker safety is no laughing matter, especially when you're talking about life and death. People are freaking hilarious. We've got to stop taking ourselves so seriously. In order to demonstrate that, I'm going to tell you a little story that you can read in more detail in my book, "A Practical Guide to the Safety Profession - The Relentless Pursuit". Just to show that what we do and what we say as a big impact on people.

So early in my career, my team got together every day at 11AM and we talked about all the things that were going on. It was like clockwork. Our manager would stand up and say, "Hey guys, this is what's going on in the site. These are the new announcements from the management team". And there wasn't a whole lot going on. And then the next guy would talk about what was happening on his project. Maybe he'd bring up an issue about a bad scaffold or a crane that needed a little bit more attention. And then the third guy, (we'll call him 'Special K') would talk for 45 minutes about everything. And I mean everything. How bad his coffee was and how bad the contractors were, how much he resented the fact that he couldn't smoke in area five. I mean really choose some tobacco or something. After that, it would be my turn. So one of the days that this happened, my manager popped up and said, Jason, what do you have? And to be honest, I didn't have a whole lot. So I held up something very similar to this and said, I drew a snake. Look, you don't have to provide great insight every time you talk. You just have to be real. That's what makes you a person. That's what makes you accessible and that's what makes you successful. So think about that next time you're out on site. Do you have a sense of humor? Do you want one? Maybe you need one. I got one more thing guys. My son, A.J. would like to ask RedBeard, if this is recordable. Is this recordable? Pretty sure that's a murder. If you like the video guys, please like and subscribe. I'll see you again soon.