Hi, Bryan McWhorter here with Safeopedia and a Safety Moment.

Actually, I'm going to present a series of Safety Moments on your Safety Management, simplified. 'Safety Management Systems Simplified' actually.

What we want to do is take your safety management system and break it down into its components, kind of take that elephant and break it down into bite size chunks.

Who really came up with that phrase? That's always kind of bothered me.

Who's eating elephants. I thought they took them for their tusks. Is that what's happened to our elephant population.

We'll save that for another time.

Check out all five of the Safety Management System Simplified; Hazard Identification and Control, Training, Inspections, Incident Investigations and Documentation and Reporting.

Anyway, we want to take your system and break it down into simple components that we can look at that way. you can look at your own safety management system against these short videos, and kind of compare and make sure that you've got everything that you need in place.

We rely on systems, systems enable success. We rely on systems for so many things; operating systems, payroll systems, people, management systems, safety management systems, production systems, maintenance systems, you name it. And there's a good reason for that.

The systems give us a track to run on. We can rest easy knowing that our systems have us taken care of. When we're looking at accomplishing anything in life, we're really looking at two factors. We're looking at motivation and capability. And if we're motivated and we can do it. We go 'Nike' on it and just do it.

We want to address that capability side. We know you're motivated to keep people safe. That safety management system can seem so overwhelming and complex. What we want to do again is break it down and simplify it. Not necessarily make it easy, but it will definitely take in that direction.

So what makes up your safety management system?

It's mainly five components. What they are is Hazard Identification and Control, Training, Inspections, Incident Investigations and finally Documentation and Reporting.

Those five components make up your safety management system. If those are in place, you can rest assured you're doing everything with you under your power to create a safe work environment. And it feels so good to know that you've got such a nice, robust safety management system.

It feels good to know that you're keeping your workers safe, but even if OSHA comes knocking or you want to go for like BPP certification or OHSAS 18001 or whatever, you can be confident with those audits. And actually, I've been in that position where you look forward to the audit.

You want to show off your great system and all the things that you're doing to keep workers safe.

So again, what we want to do is present a series of 5 short videos. That's going to capture each of those components. So stay tuned and check into for those. I'm Bryan McWhorter for Safeopedia, stay safe.