Internal powered trucks are employed for internal use within a factory. They are highly mobile, very flexible and can be fitted with a variety of attachments. Because of their mobility and flexibility, care must be taken in their use.

To maximize the performance of a powered truck, the conditions under which it operates must be suitable. Bad housekeeping, poor plant layout and wrong vehicle for the job can prevent its full potential being achieved.

The floor must be of suitable construction and capable of withstanding the point loading of powered truck wheels as well as the stack racks placed on it. It should be flat. Any gullies should have bridging plates and the floor should be maintained in good condition and free from rubbish.

Storage and stacking areas should be laid out so that there is adequate room to manoeuvre the truck. Truck manufacturers will give the minimum width of stacking aisle required. Blind corners should be avoided.

Adequate and sufficient lighting in stacking areas is vital. Where loading decks are used, they should be provided with dock levelers and, if the truck needs to be driven onto the vehicle, the condition of the platform should be checked and the vehicle wheels chocked.