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How many of you have been ghosted before? Do you know what I mean when I say ghosted? I hear it from my friends who are in the dating world all the time. I've been married for 13 years, so I'm not in the dating world, but my friends who are, tell me that they get ghosted by people, like they'll establish a relationship and they'll get to know each other and then Ghosted!

No text responses, nothing, nada. So I've experienced the same thing in the professional world amongst my own colleagues. Even within the business I work same problems. People just have a problem responding. And this gets back to the core of safety, which is learning. And in order to learn you need to have good communication and you know, you can't just ghost people and say you are a good communicator.

It just doesn't work that way. I think communication is so important. I was trying to think about like why are people doing this? And I really think of what it comes down to is people are afraid to do the right thing sometimes, and so they choose to do what they perceive as the easy thing, right? Which is just ignore or run away from your problems. Well, I just wanted to point this out in my book, Mandorla, there is a character, main character, his name is Phennac. Right there. Now, he faces his fears. I'm not going to go through the whole thing. You'll have to buy it on Amazon if you want to read the whole thing. He faces his fears, goes on an adventure, and he meets this little girl. Her name's Prin. And I call her Prin because she's short for 'Principals'. Okay? Now in this cave that he ends up in there is a monster.

And to face the monster Principals, Prin pushes him to do the right thing and gives them a little a little tool so that he can adequately face the monster. And ultimately what happens is he faces the monster and see it there without the glare, hopefully, faces the monster and he defeats the monster and he ends up with some wisdom. Right? There's the monster on the back cover there. He ends up with wisdom and knowledge and experience for fighting this monster, but he was equipped by his principals to face that monster. And so when it comes to communication, please, please don't ghost people. Be professional and just be a good person. Okay? Don't ghost people. Be a good communicator and practice it. That is the core of safety that will lead you to learning. It'll lead you to wisdom, and it'll make you a better leader. And also it'll earn your respect amongst your peers.