Hey everybody. It's RedBeard with isitrecordable.com, AccuStatsUSA.com, and safeopedia.com. Don't let perfect stand in the way of good. I see this all the time. I was just watching a video of this heroic act of a man who rescued another man who fell. Wasn't paying attention and walked forward past the the yellow paint on a subway, and the train was coming. One man reacted very quickly and helped pull him out of the way of danger. It was a really nice video, ended really well with them embracing each other and everyone was glad it turned out that way. One of the comments that someone made was, "Well, that just tells me that that yellow paint is ineffective." It's like, okay, yeah, it's not going to stop everything, but it doesn't mean you do away with the yellow paint, right?

Don't let perfect stand in the way of good. Same thing with the Nimmergicks, the near miss, hazard recognition, good catch reporting. A lot of people are saying, yeah, but that's not perfect because you're going to get some people reporting things that aren't that good and what if, how are we going to measure it and how are, how are we going to make sure that they're quality and etc. etc., And they just go on just ad nauseam about its imperfections. Well, what in your life is perfect? The car you drive. Is it perfect? Has it ever had a problem? Then why are you driving in if it's not perfect? Right? That's, it's crazy to do that, right? Don't let perfect stand in the way of good. All right, there's a lot of good things you can be doing. Avoid those false binaries. Either it has to be perfect or we can't do it right. That's a false binary. Avoid those things. Don't let perfect stand in the way of good. Do good. Find what benefits you and everyone's going to be different. Different things are going to benefit different programs for different reasons. It's important that you try and then see how it, if it affects your outcomes in a positive or negative way. Just don't let perfect stand in the way of good. That's the message today.