The workplace is the leading cause of eye trauma with 2000 workers each day suffering some sort of injury. The workplace is also a major cause of vision impairment. In fact, noise pollution is one of the most common workplace hazards. Yet, you have only got one pair of eyes and ears. It is your responsibility to take good care of them.

Never be relaxed about wearing safety goggles and ear muffs when working with machinery and hand held electrical equipment. The noises and vibrations from such equipment are potential health hazards. Always choose power tools that have the lowest vibration, muffle the noise they produce and have the longest trigger. Do not use noisy power tools for more than 30 minutes without a break.

Be sure to wear proper eye protection at all times. There is a wide selection of safety eyewear including safety goggles, glasses, face shields, welding helmets, and full face respirators. If you do suffer an eye injury, you need to know where the wash fountain is located. Clean your eyes as quickly as possible.

You should have your eyesight checked regularly to make sure that your vision is good enough for you to do your job safely.