According to the National Safety Council, the most common human factors that lead to accidents are negligence, anger, hasty decisions, indifference, distractions, curiosity, inadequate instruction and poor work habits. You can minimize these factors by taking responsibility for them on an individual level. Here’s how:

  • Know all the safety rules associated with the job and respect them
  • If you find that your temper is getting the better of you, take time out to relax. Tackle the issue and get it resolved before you continue with the job
  • Rather than rushing into a job, take a few moments to think about the job that you have to do, identifying the potential hazards and how you can minimize them
  • Don’t allow you mind to wander while performing your tasks. Rather, stay focused on the job at hand
  • Do your best to minimize interruptions on the job. One way to do this is to turn off your cell phone while you are working
  • Don’t experiment with new ways of doing things. Stick to what you know
  • Train and instruct everyone involved in the job on the proper and safe way to perform it. If you are uncomfortable about how to proceed, ask a supervisor for guidance