Before strapping on your personal protective equipment, follow the 1-2-3 checklist of identify, maintain and inspect. Identify any potential hazards that you may face on the job. By doing so, you’ll be able to work out what PPE you need to have with you. Give regular maintenance to your equipment. And, inspect each item every single time before you put it on. If you notice any loss or defect with regard to your PPE, it is your responsibility to report it the management of your organization.

All personal protective equipment should come with a manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. Make sure that you follow this carefully, including the recommended replacement times and shelf life. While the PPE wearer can carry out simple maintenance work, such as cleaning, more intricate work needs to be performed by a qualified technician.

All costs incurred in maintaining personal protective equipment are required to be met by the employer. Providing proper storage facilities for personal protective equipment will help to maintain it. Storage facilities should ensure that the PPE is not subjected to contamination, loss, damage, damp or sunlight. If the PPE has the potential for contamination during use, it should be stored separately to normal clothing in order to avoid cross contamination.