Check all of your tools before every use. First, ensure that you’ve got the proper tool for the job. Check the power cord for wear and tear and make sure that blades are not chipped or blunt. Make sure that you are well trained to use the equipment and wear the proper protective equipment. Never wear loose clothing when using hand tools.

Tools in your home workshop should be stored properly. If possible, hang them on peg boards. This allows you to see all of your tools at a glance. You can also store your tools in a secured toolbox. The advantage of storing your tools in a toolbox is portability.

Silica gel packs are excellent for keeping rust away. All you have to do is throw the packs in a drawer or your toolbox.

To avoid rust attacking your tools, be sure to store them in a dry place. Garages and basements are generally damp, so investing in a dehumidifier is a smart move that will prolong the life of your hand tools. You should hang all of your garden tools sot that they re not resting on the floor. Moisture can work up through concrete floors and weaken garden tools that are left lying around.