Electrical safety begins at home!

Many of us underestimate just how dangerous electricity can be. This is evident in the fact that 20 people die in Australia every year from electrocution…..75% of these are non-electrical people. On top of this, over 600 people are hospitalised every year due to electrical injury. Again, mostly non-electricians.

This video is aimed at making people think twice about the choices they make in relation to electrical safety and how those choices could impact on their friends and family.

The common electrical hazards that cause these incidents can be present not only at work, but also in the home. The good news is that we can manage these hazards well by following some simple guidelines, which this video will take you through.

Shot in Whyalla, South Australia, by Arrium Mining and OneSteel, the video features actual employees demonstrating the vital importance of electrical safety both at work and home.