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Welcome to Safeopedia's Lifting Safety Meeting Topics. This is where you'll find videos, articles, and tips all regarding Lifting Safety. Get the right safety moment or safety meeting topic for your next tool box talk.
Lifting at work is a major cause of lower back strain. Avoid it by maintaining a neutral spine position with natural spinal curvature when lifting. Bend at the knees and keep your chest up and shoulders back. Keep you feet shoulder width apart, with...Learn more
A mobile access tower is a tower formed with scaffold tube and mounted on wheels. It has a single working platform and is provided with handrails and toe boards. It can be constructed of prefabricated and tubular frames, and is designed to support a...Learn more
Certified Professional Ergonomist and Managing Consultant Blake McGowan summarizes the findings of the 2014 study that revised the NIOSH Lifting Equation.Be sure to check out our free upcoming webinar: Sitting Disease and Ergonomics: Evidence & Best...Learn more
When lifting, you should maintain the natural, neutral curvature of your spine. Pull the load in toward you body as closely as you can. Contract your core by bracing it for the lift. Don't twist your body at any time during the lift. If you have to...Learn more
Back injury is the second most common workplace injury, the most costly and can leave you in pain for the rest of your life! The good news is that back injuries are also one of the most preventable! If you are lifting things the wrong way, you are...Learn more
This video explains ten important rules for avoiding injuries. Share it with your family, friends, co-workers and others to help them avoid injury. Reviewing this video regularly, along with our other short back safety videos, will help you avoid...Learn more
Push or Pull? Which is better? No matter what you do for a living, or what you are doing around the house, when it comes to manual material handling there are right ways and wrong ways. Do things the wrong way and you may end up with an injury....Learn more
There are several things that you should remind yourself to do before lifting anything, regardless of its weight and size. Planning your lift is critical to back safety. No matter what you are lifting, this video covers the High 5 considerations...Learn more
OSHA, along with many other agencies, offer helpful tips on back safety, and several links are provided below. Our free safety video is written in practical terms to help you apply proper body mechanics no matter where you are - at work, at home, or...Learn more

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