Lockout Tagout is a globally used system that ensures that hazardous power sources are isolated and rendered inoperative. A lock is placed on a device or power source, preventing the hazardous power source from being activated. A person’s lock and tag must not be removed by anyone except the person who installed it.

The Lockout Tagout standard establishes the employers responsibility to keep its employees protected from hazardous energy sources on machines and equipment while service and maintenance is taking place. Employers are given the freedom to develop a program that meets the specific needs of the workplace. This is done by placing the appropriate lockout or tagout device to the energy isolating device and de-energizing the machinery and equipment.

It is imperative that all employees are conversant with the provisions of the hazardous energy control procedures. It is the responsibility of employers to provide full and adequate training in this regard. They need to ensure that any new or overhauled equipment is capable of being locked out. Any equipment that can be locked out must be fitted with a lockout device. Tags may be used in place of lockouts only if the tagout program provides protection that is on par with the lockout system.