When using an ATM by yourself, park your car in a well lit area. If possible, have someone with you. Fill out any necessary forms ahead of time. If you feel unsafe, leave the area. Report any suspicious activity to the police. Put away your card and cash immediately. Be especially careful that no one can see you entering your PIN details into the ATM.

Have a visual check of the ATM for any signs of a skimming device. Tell-tale signs of skimmers are a sticky residue or adhesive on the ATM, or an extra attachment on the card slot. If using a drive up ATM, keep your car doors locked. Do not use an ATM at night if the lights in the area are not working.

Always protect your ATM card by keeping it in a safe place. Do not leave your card sitting around at home or in or on your desk at work. If your card is lost or stolen immediately inform your bank so that they can shut off access to funds.

Never reveal your personal identification number (PIN) to anybody. Avoid the temptation to write it down. No reputable organization will call or email you requesting confirmation of your PIN number. If you receive such a request, immediately inform the police.