Jewelry can be a major hazard on the job. The most common pieces of jewelry involved in work related accidents are rings. Rings can easily get caught up in machinery parts. Another hazard on the job that relates to injury is electric shock. If you are wearing a piece of metal jewelry that makes contact with an electric circuit, it will conduct the electric circuit directly into your body.

Thermal burns are another potential jewelry related injury. You may be wearing a piece of jewelry that is heated on a radiator or another hot object. The heat will be contained and conducted into you.

Sanitation is another issue surrounding jewelry. Perspiration, dirt and bacteria can become trapped under the jewelry, which can cause dermatitis and other types of skin conditions. However, jewelry is not only a problem if you are working in a hazardous injury. Rings can easily get caught on boxes or crates, which could easily lead to a finger being crushed. Similarly, earrings can get caught, causing the ear lobe to be torn.

For many people, wearing jewelry has a deeply sentimental or religious meaning. However, jewelry does not belong in the work environment as it is a potential hazard to the wearer and to other workers.