Your fingers and hands can become very stiff with repeated actions over many hours at work. This can lead to repetitive strain injuries and wrist problems. You can protect your fingers and hands from injury by regularly performing some simple exercises to strengthen them and keep them nimble.

The following exercises are a great way to loosen fingers, wrists and hands that have become stiff at work. Do them every day and your digits will also become more flexible. You’ll also enjoy a reduction in pain, which will help to ward off more serious injury.

Backward Finger Stretch: Beginning with your dominant hand, extend each finger back one at a time with the fingers of your other hand. Once you have done this on both hands, gently pull all of the fingers back together. This is a great exercise to stretch the palm out. Do this several times throughout the work day.

Forward Finger Stretch: Stretch your hands out, then pull your thumbs in toward the palm. Now, stretch them back out again. Next make a fist with each hand. Open your hands slowly, stretching the fingers out to full extension. Perform this series of three movements consecutively for 5 sets, several times per day.