Good hygiene on the job is all about preventing accidental exposure caused by the inhalation or ingestion of hazardous substances. Workers who consistently apply good hygiene practices when working with chemicals or other hazardous substances will be able to minimize exposure caused by these substances. The following good hygiene practices will help workers to stay safe:

  • The consumption of food, liquids and the smoking of cigarettes should only take place away from areas where hazardous materials are used and stored. Eating or drinking in these areas may cause the inhalation or ingestion of the hazardous material. If you have been working with hazardous materials, wash your hands thoroughly before eating
  • Ensure that your work clothing is clean and in good condition. If you have holes or tears in your clothes, hazardous materials may get on your skin. Do not get your work clothing mixed up with your home clothing when washing your clothes
  • Ensure that the areas where hazardous materials are stored are clean and orderly. If there is a spillage, it should be cleaned up in accordance with the proper spill control and clean up procedures. When you have finished the materials you used to clean up should also be disposed of