Fixed ladders offer a unique safety challenge. Reduce your risk by always facing the ladder when going up and down. Be sure to grip the rungs firmly, place both feet firmly on each rung and always maintain three points of contact – two hands and one foot, or two feet and one hand. Wear proper footwear and do not carry a load on a fixed ladder.

All fixed ladders must have a minimum design live load of a single concentrated load of 200 pounds. Every rung on a fixed ladder should have minimum diameter of three quarters of an inch for metal ladders and one and one eighth of an inch for wooden ladders. The distance between rungs must not be more than twelve inches.

All rungs, cleats and steps need to be free from any splinters, sharp edges, burrs or any other hazardous projections. The fastenings on the fixed ladder are an integral part of the design structure of the unit. All welding done on a fixed ladder must comply with the code for welding in building construction.

Wooden fixed ladders that are subject to conditions that may cause decay must be treated with a non irritating preservative. Any treatment should be designed to minimize the build-up of water on wooden parts.