Elevators transport the equivalent of the entire US population every day. When riding in an elevator you must follow some basic safety precautions in order to prevent injury.

The floor level can change from the hall to the elevator, so watch your step when entering and exiting the elevator. Sometimes there is even a gap between the elevator floor and the hallway floor. You need to be especially careful if you are pulling along a suitcase or a shopping cart. Be aware of small children and animals as they negotiate the entrance to the elevator.

Most elevators have a sensory device installed that prevent them from closing in on a person. However, you should not allow the doors to close in on you. If you notice the doors closing in on someone, push the open door button. Make sure that your hands and clothing are well clear of the door at all times. Do not try to enter an elevator as the doors are closing.

If you are about to enter an elevator and notice that there is another person about to enter who makes you feel unsafe, wait for the next elevator. In the event of a fire or other emergency, always use the stairs; never attempt to take the elevator.